What Makes The Datrium DVX Unique?

How is a Datrium DVX different from a traditional storage array?

First of all, a Datrium DVX is neither a traditional array nor a traditional hyper-converged solution.!

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 10.52.08 PM

When talking about a Datrium Storage DVX, we are talking about a Server Flash Storage System:

  • No need for expensive storage controllers (RAID, dedupe, …)
    • Storage typical tasks are handled by the hosts, once DiESL is installed
  • Utilizes server-side flash (BYOD) for caching 
    • Buy MLC, TLC, cMLC SSDs off Amazon or get it from your nearest consumer electronics store.
  • Backend storage for persistent storage
  • Scale performance linear
    • Adding hosts, adds performance
    • Stop spending $$$ on expensive storage vendor upgrades
  • Reduced “neighbor noise”
    • Each ESXi host runs its own data services
    • Local server cache, no pooling of SSDs across ESXi clusters
  • Stop wasting your time managing LUNs, start managing VMs
    • vMotion VMs to a host with more flash headroom for better performance
    • Per-VM monitoring and VVOL ready

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