Corrupt Snapshot Causing View Composer Service Crash

Error during provisioning:Unexpected VC fault from View Composer

The above error might show up in Horizon View, if you try to use a corrupt snapshot for the deployment of new VMs.

How To Identify If  A Corrupt Snapshot Is The Cause?

  • Look at the Microsoft System Event Log on your View Composer
    • You should see something like this:

      The VMware View Composer service terminated unexpectedly. M It has done this 2 time(s).  The following corrective action will be taken in 60000 milliseconds: Restart the service.


  • Search for FATAL messages in the vmware-viewcomposer.log
    • The following message will indicate a corrupt snapshot

      2015-10-06 17:52:53,956 | WFE thread 9 | FATAL | ServiceCore.WorkflowEngine.WorkflowEngine – Unexpected exception occurred.Error reading single property ‘config.hardware.device’ from managed object: snapshot-15587


Based on the message in vmware-viewcomposer.log, you know what snapshot is corrupted. Unfortunately, the message does not tell you the parent VM of the snapshot.

I wrote a small Powershell/Powercli script, which will allow you to find the parent VM and delete the snapshot.

Just copy the code above and save it as a PowerCLI or PowerShell script.
Upon execution, it will prompt you to specify the vCenter, a user, password and the name of the snapshot, which you try to find.

I hope this script is helpful.

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