Change The OpenStack Glance Image Store

Today I ran into an issue where I ran out of space on my root partition due to multiple ISOs which I have stored in OpenStack Glance. After some tests, I decided to change the Glance image store to an iSCSI volume attached to my controller.

Let’s get started with the basic iSCSI setup (no MPIO), I assume you’ve already created a volume on your storage and set the ACL accordingly :

OpenStack – Icehouse Deployment Via Packstack

Today I decided to set-up a new OpenStack environment to run some tests and provide a training on it.
This blog post will cover “OpenStack – Icehouse Deployment Via Packstack”.

There are several ways to deploy a OpenStack environment with a single-node or a multi-node:

  1. Packstack – Quickest and easiest way to deploy a single-node or multi-node OpenStack lab on any RHEL distribution
  2. Devstack – Mainly used for development, requires more time then packstack
  3. Juju – Very time-consuming setup but very stable, Ubuntu only.
  4. The manual way, most time-consuming, recommended for production environments.
    Detail can be found here.

In my scenario I deployed 4 CentOS 6.4 64bit VMs with each having 2x2vCPUs, 4GB memory, 2x NIC cards (one for MGMT, one for iSCSI – no MPIO).
After you completed the CentOS 6.4 installation, follow the steps below:

The initial install of OpenStack via packstack has been completed and you can start to configure it via CLI or using Horizon.