Nimble Storage Cinder Integration

In this post, I will only cover the Nimble Storage Cinder Integration for OpenStack Icehouse.

Some of you have already an OpenStack cloud in their environment and also own a Nimble Storage array, others might not have an OpenStack cloud yet but consider it. Nimble Storage just announced officially their OpenStack integration. Starting with Juno, the Nimble Cinder driver will be shipped with the OpenStack release. The actual approval and blue print can be found here. For Icehouse, you’ll need to download the driver from InfoSight or request it from support.

Follow these 6 steps to upload the Nimble Cinder driver, configure and test it:

Note: The steps below cover a single-backend configuration. A multi-backend configuration will be covered in a separate post.

  1. Upload your Cinder driver to /usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/cinder/volume/drivers
  2. Add theNimbleCinderparameters to /etc/cinder/cinder.conf within the [DEFAULT] section
  3. Restartcinder-api, cinder-scheduler and cinder-volume
  4. Create a volume either via Horizon or the CLI

  5. Verify the volume has successfully been created
  6. Verify the creation of the volume on your storage array. Go to Manage -> Volumes


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